Underfloor Heating Caversham
Underfloor Heating System Caversham

Underfloor heating has been an increasing preferred method of heating your home for many home-owners, especially in new builds and renovations. It provides an ambient temperature for the home whilst at the same time being more pleasing to the eye than a radiator on the wall which can always be in the wrong place when re-arranging your room.

We lay a complex pattern of piping in a layout which we design for optimal heat dispersion throughout the room providing in floor heating to your family or workforce.

When the Underfloor Heating System is running, hot water passes through the pipes transferring heat from those pipes as efficiently as possible into the floor, effectively turning the entire floor surface into a large low temperature radiator. The heat radiates upwards from the floor,from the entire floor surface, delivering a very evenly heated room.

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